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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN

Business Sessions

Expert Sessions

Virtual Exhibition

Three Characteristics of Virtual Exhibition

  • Experience Hitachi's Social Innovation Business

    To realize a sustainable society, where people can have a better, happier life, Hitachi has made “Environment, ”Resilience,” and “Security and Safety” its three focus areas.
    At the exhibition, we will introduce a cross-section of Hitachi's visions and solutions in these three focus areas.

  • Ask Hitachi's Experts

    You can speak with Hitachi's experts, who have a wealth of knowledge.
    We welcome questions about business problems and will be pleased to introduce solutions and hints for solving them.

  • New Discoveries Anytime, Anywhere

    Because it is held online, you can see Hitachi's solutions anytime, anywhere.
    You can view our presentations and demonstrations just as if you were actually visiting our exhibition. You can also download materials.

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Please note that the program and speakers are subject to change. We will update the information as needed if there are any additions or changes.
The start time of the program delivery may be changed depending on the progress of the day.
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