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At the exhibition, Hitachi will showcase a cross-section of its vision, future plans, and solutions across six themes.
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Decarbonization Carbon Neutrality


Initiatives for Digital Substations that Contribute to the Realization of a Decarbonized Society

Digital substations use fiber-optic cables for communication and control instead of conventional copper cables to save space and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and to enhance the monitoring and operation of substations using data acquired from equipment and sensors. Initiatives for digital substations that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by improving the reliability and resilience of power networks, which is essential for the expansion of renewable energy, will be presented, including overseas case studies.


“EconiQ™”, Product and Solution Package that helps Achieve Carbon Neutrality

As the shift to renewable energy and improvement of energy efficiency continues toward the realization of a carbon neutral society, consideration for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from substations is also becoming more important, and pioneering technologies that do not use SF6 gas are required as one important step toward net-zero emissions. Hitachi Energy will promote the transition of its eco-efficient SF6 gas-free “EconiQ™” portfolio to extra high voltage substation equipment to contribute to the sustainable development of industry and society and strengthen its position as a sustainable technology leader within the industry.


Digital solution for HVDC converter stations: revolution from engineering and construction to O&M

As the demand for HVDC is rapidly growing around the world due to the accelerated introduction of renewable energy, it is necessary to provide HVDC systems efficiently and reliably in a short period of time. Hitachi Energy applied 3D-model based BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution to improve the quality of project, and offer our digital twin solution “IdentiQ™”, that contributes to improve the engineering, construction process and O&M.


Development of Advanced Nuclear Reactors

To contribute to the realization of a sustainable carbon-neutral society, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy is developing advanced reactors to reduce capital cost, provide long-term stable power supply, and reduce high level waste based on our BWR experiences and fuel-cycle technologies. We present four reactors using innovative technologies, such as large light water reactor Highly Innovative-ABWR, highly economic SMR BWRX-300, light water cooled fast reactor (FR) RBWR and small sodium cooled FR PRISM.


Hitachi’s Initiatives to Reduce Hazardous Level of Radioactive Waste

Nuclear energy is one of the baseload power sources to realize and maintain a carbon-neutral society for a long time. Hitachi has been developing BWRs with improved safety to meet energy demands, and is also developing technologies to enhance safety and mitigate environmental impact of disposed radioactive wastes by converting long-lived radionuclides into short-lived ones by nuclear transmutation reaction. 
In this exhibition, we will introduce an overview of this process and Hitachi’s initiatives which realize reduction of hazardous level of radioactive wastes.


Assembled Robot System by Flexible Structures

Assembled Robot System by Flexible Structures can perform complex tasks in a high-radiation environment such as Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. That uses a water hydraulic driven system instead of electronic components, and is characterized by its "soft" movements. Each hydraulically driven joint can be reconfigured as a module, allowing installation in a form suited to the application environment in a short period of time. We will introduce that robot system through a demonstration using actual equipment.

Innovation Creation


Cloud-native operation with SRE approach

Hitachi Application Reliability Centers (HARC) has been deployed to more than 20 companies in the U.S. and EMEA region.
HARC is cloud-based managed service for Japan market that supports agility & reliability and the optimization of cloud costs.
In this exhibition, we plan to demonstrate HARC's approach based on real use case and show the value of HARC.


Accelerating Digital Innovation With Purpose: Generative AI, Metaverse, Web3.0

GlobalLogic, a leader in Digital Engineering helps global brands design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. GlobalLogic will demonstrate key emerging technologies including Generative AI, Metaverse, Web3.0, and how to rapidly deploy these capabilities to boost purposeful innovation, new products and experiences to benefit society.


The Impact of Generative AI: Productivity Revolution and Workstyles Innovation

Generative AI is said to bring about a paradigm shift. Hitachi has established a new organization called “Generative AI Center” to promote the utilization of generative AI. In this exhibition area, Head of Generative AI Center will conduct mini-seminars to explain the potential of Generative AI and the importance of governance, including selected examples from hundreds of use cases of the Hitachi Group, along with transparency and accountability.
The exhibit will also include specific offerings such as demonstrations of system development transformation through generative AI for “Productivity Revolution” and applications that facilitate interactive access to expert knowledge, contributing to “Workstyles Innovation.”

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